TítolA general framework for meta-search based on query-weighting and numeral aggregation operators
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsGómez M, Abasolo C
EditorBouchon-Meunier B., Foulloy L., Yager R.R.
Book TitleIntelligent Systems for Information Processing: From Representation to Applications
EditorElsevier Publisher

Meta-search engines arise to increase the coverage of single search-engines. Meta-search engines offer a unified way to access multiple search engines, avoiding the user to interact with all the underlying engines; but usually they do not merge results from different sources, neither they calculate a unique ranking for each item retrieved. We present a framework to develop meta-search engines allowing to rank documents retrieved search-engines that originally do not give any rank; and a way to combine and integrate the some relevance or utility criteria. Our approach is based on exploiting the filtering capabilities of search-engines and the generalized use of weights and aggregation operators to rank documents.