Departament de Sistemes Multiagent
Scientific Staff
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01 octubre 2008 a 30 setembre 2011
41 Publications
Leila Amgoud, Roberto Confalonieri, Dave de Jonge, Mark d'Inverno, Katina Hazelden, Nardine Osman, Henri Prade, Carles Sierra, Matthew Yee-King; Sharing online cultural experiences: An argument-based approach. The 9th International Conference on Modeling Decisions for Artificial Intelligence; 2012.
Matthew Yee-King, Roberto Confalonieri, Dave de Jonge, Nardine Osman, Katina Hazelden, Leila Amgoud, Henri Prade, Carles Sierra, Mark d'Inverno; Towards Community Browsing for Shared Experiences: The WeBrowse System. The first International Conference on Agreement Technologies; 2012.
Katina Hazelden, Matthew Yee-King, Leila Amgoud, Mark d'Inverno, Carles Sierra, Nardine Osman, Roberto Confalonieri, Dave de Jonge; WeCurate: Designing for synchronised browsing and social negotiation. The first International Conference on Agreement Technologies; 2012.
Aliaksandr Birukou, Joseph R. Wakeling, Claudio Bartolini, Fabio Casati, Maurizio Marchese, Katsiaryna Mirylenka, Nardine Osman, Azzurra Ragone, Carles Sierra, Aalam Wassef; Alternatives to peer review: novel approaches for research evaluation. Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience; 2011.
Nardine Osman, J. Sabater-Mir, Carles Sierra; Simulating Research Behaviour. 12th International Workshop on Multi-Agent-Based Simulation (MABS'11); 2011.
Nardine Osman, Carles Sierra, J. Sabater-Mir, Joseph R. Wakeling, Judith Simon, Gloria Origgi, Roberto Casati; LiquidPublications and its technical and legal challenges. Intelligent Multimedia: Managing Creative Works in a Digital World; 2010.
Nardine Osman, Carles Sierra, J. Sabater-Mir; Propagation of Opinions in Structural Graphs. Nineteenth European Conference on Artificial Intelligence (ECAI '10); 2010.
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