TitleArtificial Social Intelligence in MAS: from swarms to electronic institutions
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsAcebo E, Arcos JLluis, Marzo JLluis
EditorMoreno A., Pavon J.
Book TitleIssues in Multi-Agent Systems: The AgentCities.ES Experience
PublisherBirkhauser Publ

Artificial Social Intelligence (ASI) studies ways to model and implement the skills that allow agents to cope with their social environment in an efficient manner. This study has to play a major role in MAS research and development in the years to come and can be tackled from different points of view depending upon the kind of social environment under consideration, the nature of the modeled social phenomena and the characteristics and capabilities of the individual agents involved. This chapter presents the research work of the Social Intelligence cluster of AgentCities.ES concerning two fields as diverse but as strongly related to Artificial Social Intelligence as Swarm Intelligence and Electronic Institutions.