TitleLearning and Joint Deliberation through Argumentation in Multi-Agent Systems
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsOntañón S, Plaza E
Conference NameProc. AAMAS-2007
Paginationp. 971-978

In this paper we will present an argumentation framework for learning agents (AMAL) designed for two purposes: (1) for joint deliberation, and (2) for learning from communication. The AMAL framework is completely based on learning from examples: the argument preference relation, the argument generation policy, and the counterargument generation policy are case-based techniques. For join deliberation, learning agents share their experience by forming a committee to decide upon some joint decision. We experimentally show that the argumentation among committees of agents improves both the individual and joint performance. For learning from communication, an agent engages into arguing with other agents in order to contrast its individual hypotheses and receive counterexamples; the argumentation process improves their learning scope and individual performance.