TitleNew approach to the re-identification problem using neural networks
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsNin J, Torra V
EditorV. Torra etal.
Conference NameLecture notes in computer science. Lecture notes in atificial intelligence

Schema and record matching are tools to integrate files or databases. Record linkage is one of the tools used to link those records that while belonging to different files correspond to the same individual. Standard record linkage methods are applied when the records of both files are described using the same variables. One of the non-standard record linkage methods corresponds to the case when files are not described using the same variables. In this paper we study record linkage for non common variables. In particular, we use a supervised approach based on neural networks. We use a neural network to find the relationships between variables. Then, we use these relationships to translate the information in the domain of one file into the domain of the other file.