07 June 2011
Umeå University (Sweden)
Patrik Eklund

Monadic extensions and generalizations of Goguen's and Meseguer's
general logics, traditionally involving institutions and entailment
systems, focus separately on terms, sentences and theoremata, with
functiorial, monadic and partially ordered monadic extensions for each
part. This leads to a substitution logic being more general e.g. than
first-order logic and equational logic, yet comes with a proof

The purpose of this talk is not to dig into formal and categorical
detail on this substitution logic, but rather to discuss application
areas, where modelling by substitution logic is more natural as
compared to using traditional logics only. The applications are drawn
from elderly care, crisis management, and social choice. In elderly
care, assessment scales and cognitive disorder diagnosis require more
elaborate data representations as enabled only by conventional terms.
First responder guidelines in crisis management is another examples
where substitution logic can be utilizied. In social choice, we are
able to distinguish clearly between choice and choosing, bringing the
concepts of social choice into a logically extended framework.

Institution department: 
Department of Computing Science