TítuloMulti-Agent Coordination: DCOPs and Beyond
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsPujol M
EditorWalsh NICTAToby, NSW Uof
Conference NameTwenty-Second International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence
EditorialAAAI Press
Conference LocationBarcelona
Date Published16/08/2011
ISBN Number978-1-57735-515-1

Distributed constraint optimization problems (DCOPs) are a model for representing multi-agent systems in which agents cooperate to optimize a global objective. The DCOP model has two main advantages: it can represent a wide range of problem domains, and it supports the development of generic algorithms to solve them. Firstly, this paper presents some advances in both complete and approximate DCOP algorithms. Secondly, it explains that the DCOP model makes a number of unrealistic assumptions that severely limit its range of application. Finally, it points out hints on how to tackle such limitations.