Departamento de Razonamiento y Lógica
Adjunct professor ad honorem
146 Publications
Marco Cerami, Francesc Esteva; First-order SMTL Logic and quasi-witnessed models. XV Congreso Español sobre Tecnologías y Lógica Fuzzy ESTYLF 2010; 2010.
Francesc Esteva, Lluís Godo, Ricardo Oscar Rodriguez, Thomas Vetterlein; Similarity-based approximate and strong entailments. XV Congreso Español sobre Tecnologías y Lógica Fuzzy ESTYLF 2010; 2010.
Francesc Esteva, Lluís Godo, Carles Noguera; On generalized continuous and left-continuous t-norms over chains: a survey. 30th Linz Seminar on Fuzzy Set Theory "The legacy of 30 seminars - where do we stand and where do we go?"; 2009.
Didier Dubois, Francesc Esteva, Lluís Godo, Henri Prade; Fuzzy-set Based Logics –- An History-oriented Presentation of their Main Developments. Handbook of the History of Logic, Volume 8: The Many Valued and Non-monotonic Turn in Logic; 2007.
Fèlix Bou, Francesc Esteva, Lluís Godo; Modal systems based on many-valued logics. New dimensions in fuzzy logic and related technologies. Proceedings EUSFLAT 2007; 2007.
Roberto Cignoli, Francesc Esteva, Lluís Godo; On Lukasiewicz logic with truth constants. Theoretical Advances and Applications of Fuzzy Logic and Soft Computing, ASC 42; 2007.
Francesc Esteva, Lluís Godo; Towards the generalization of Mundici's Gamma functor to IMTL algebras: the linearly ordered case. Algebraic and Proof-theoretic Aspects of Non-classical Logics - Papers in honour of Daniele Mundici on the occasion of his 60th birthday; 2007.