TitleSupervised Learning for record linkage through weighted means and OWA Operators
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsTorra V, Navarro-Arribas G, Abril D
JournalControl and Cybernetics

Record linkage is a technique used to link records from one database with records from another database, which make reference to the same individuals. Although it is normally used in database integration, it is also very used in the context of data privacy. Distance-based record linkage permits us to link the records by their closeness. In this paper we propose a supervised approach for linking records with numerical attributes. We provide two different alternatives, one based on the weighted mean and another in the OWA operator. The parametrization in both cases is determined as an optimization problem. We evaluate our proposal and compare it with standard distance based record linkage, which do not rely in the parametrization of the distance functions. To that end we test the proposal in the context of data privacy by linking a data file with its corresponding protected version.