TitleBuilding Business Relationships with Negotiation
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsDebenham J, Sierra C
Conference NameE-Commerce and Web Technologies, Lecture Notes in Computer Science
VolumeVolume 465

Successful negotiators prepare by determining their position along five dimensions. We introduce a negotiation model based on these dimensions and on two primitive concepts: intimacy (degree of closeness) and balance (degree of fairness). The intimacy is a pair of matrices that evaluate both an agent’s contribution to the relationship and its opponent’s contribution each from an information view and from a utilitarian view. The balance is the difference between these matrices. A relationship strategy maintains a target intimacy for each relationship that an agent would like the relationship to move towards in future. The negotiation strategy maintains a set of Options that are in-line with the current intimacy level, and then tactics wrap the Options in argumentation with the aim of attaining a successful deal and manipulating the successive negotiation balances towards the target intimacy.