TitleSemantic alignment in the context of agent interactions
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsSchorlemmer M, Arcas MAtencia
Conference NameWorkshop on Formal Approaches to Multi-Agent Systems, FAMAS'07. Part of the Multi-Agents Logics, Languages and Organisations - Federated Workshops, MALLOW'07
Conference LocationDurham, UK
Date Published06/09/2007

We provide the formal foundation of a novel approach to tackle semantic heterogeneity in multi-agent communication by looking at semantics related to interaction in order to avoid dependency on a priori semantic agreements. We do not assume existence of any ontologies, neither local to interacting agents nor external to them, and we rely only on interactions themselves to resolve terminological mismatches. In the approach taken in this paper we look at the semantics of messages that are exchanged during an interaction entirely from an interaction-specific point of view: messages are deemed semantically related if they trigger compatible interaction state transitions—where compatibility means that the interaction progresses in the same direction for each agent, albeit their partial view of the interaction (their interaction model) may be more constrained than the actual interaction that is happening. Our underlying claim is that semantic alignment is often relative to the particular interaction in which agents are engaged in, and, that in such cases the interaction state should be taken into account and brought into the alignment mechanism.