TitleExploiting context awareness in information agents
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2001
AuthorsArcos JLluis, Plaza E
EditorMüller JP, Andre E., Sen S., Frasson C.
Conference Name5th International Conference on Autonomous Agents

We present a society of personal information agents that work for a community of users and that are aware of the physical and social context of their users. We show how context-awareness is a feature that allows the agents to improve their performance when they work with limited resources in information spaces with a large amount of information. The use of context information allows the agents to focus their information search and, as a result of this, increase the quantity and quality of information delivered to the user. Moreover, we present an agent architecture with context-aware capabilities used in the COMRIS project [4] for assisting people attending to big conferences and fairs.The research on context awareness is also increasing and is encouraged by the new possibilities that offers the mobile communications [2].