Titleg-BDI: A Graded Intensional Agent Model for Practical Reasoning
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsCasali A, Godo L, Sierra C
Conference NameModeling Decisions for Artificial Intelligence, 6th International Conference, MDAI 2009
EditionVicenç Torra, Yasuo Narukawa, Masahiro Inuiguchi
Conference LocationAwaji Island, Japan
Date Published30/11/2009
ISBN Number978-3-642-04819-7

In intentional agents, actions are derived from the mental attitudes and their relationships. In particular, preferences (positive de- sires) and restrictions (negative desires) are important proactive atti- tudes which guide agents to intentions and eventually to actions. In this paper we overview recent developments about a multi-context based agent architecture g-BDI to represent and reasoning about gradual no- tions of desires and intentions, including sound and complete logical for- malizations. We also show that the framework is expressive enough to describe how desires, together with other information, can lead agents to intentions and finally to actions. As a case-study, we will also describe the design and implementation of recommender system on tourism as well as the results of some experiments concerning the flexibility and performance of the g-BDI model.