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e-AEGIS / DB-Privacy

e-AEGIS: Electronic AEGIS for conciliating consumer privacy and
Sep 2007 - Aug 2012
Main researcher
Project description
The main objective of E-AEGIS is to demonstrate that transaction security in the information society is compatible with consumer privacy. Specifically, this will be demonstrated for the following three scenarios: mobile services (subproject E-AEGIS/M-PRIVACY), digital content management (subproject E-AEGIS/STEGOPRIVACY), and privacy-preserving data mining (subproject EAEGIS/DBPRIVACY). Subproject E-AEGIS/DBPRIVACY will focus on the creation of synthetic (i.e. simulated) datasets which preserve a certain model present in an original dataset for a number of subdomains (subsets of variables and records). This will enable companies to co-operate in joint market analyses without exchanging their customers' real data, but only synthetic data. To ensure that the synthetic data really do preserve privacy, re-identification methods will be used to measure disclosure risk. New reidentification methods will be designed to take non-independent data into account. The ultimate goal is to use synthetic data also *within a company*: the corporate data warehouse will be fed with synthetic data simulating the real data collected by the operational subsystems; the operational data will be deleted at short time intervals, with the ensuing privacy gain.
Research Line
Approximate Reasoning and Soft computing