TítuloA Level-based Approach to Computing Warranted Arguments in Possibilistic Defeasible Logic Programming
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsAlsinet T, Chesñevar C., Godo L
EditorS. Besnard DP, Hunter A.
Conference NameComputational Models of Argument, COMMA 2008
EditorialIOS Press

Possibilistic Defeasible Logic Programming (PDeLP) is an argumentation framework based on logic programming which incorporates a treatment of possibilistic uncertainty at object-language level. In PDeLP, the closure of justified conclusions is not always consistent, which has been detected to be an anomaly in the context of so-called rationality postulates for rule-based argumentation systems. In this paper we present a novel level-based approach to computing warranted arguments in PDeLP which ensures the above rationality postulate. We also show that our solution presents some advantages in comparison with the use of a transposition operator applied on strict rules.