TítuloA Modal Account of Preference in a Fuzzy Setting
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsEsteva F, Godo L, Vidal A
Book TitleSoft Computing Based Optimization and Decision Models
ISBN Number978-3-319-64285-7

This paper is our humble contribution to the tribute, in the occasion of his 65th birthday, to Jose? Luis “Curro” Verdegay. Excellent researcher and better person, he has been one of the pioneers of fuzzy logic in Spain and founder and driving force of the research group on Decision Making and Optimization at the University of Granada. Our contribution is devoted to logic and fuzzy preferences, a topic that, although it is not central on the research of Curro, is ubiquitous in fuzzy decision making models and we hope it may be of his interest. Along many years, we have jointly participated in many events around the world with Curro and with our friends from Granada, we have learnt a lot from his research ideas and organizational competences, but more importantly, we have enjoyed his friendship and shared many unforgettable moments. Thanks for all Curro, and congratulations for this well-deserved homage!