TitleFuzzy logics with truth hedges revisited
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsEsteva F, Godo L, Noguera C
Conference Name7th Conference of the European Society of Fuzzy Logic and Technology, EUSFLAT - LFA 2011
PublisherAtlantis Press
Conference LocationAix-Les-Bains, France
Pagination146 - 152
Date Published18/07/2011
ISBN Number978-90-78677-00-0

In this paper we build upon previous works of Hájek and Vychodil on the axiomatization of truth-stressing and depressing hedges as expansions of BL by new unary connectives. They show that their logics are chain-complete, but standard completeness is only proved for the expansions over Gödel logic. We propose weaker axiomatizations that have as main advantages to preserve the standard completeness properties of the original logic and that any subdiagonal (resp. superdiagonal) non-decresasing function on [0, 1] preserving 0 and 1 is a sound interpretation of the truth stresser (resp. depresser) connectives.