TitleGraded BDI models for agent architectures
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsCasali A, Godo L, Sierra C
EditorLeite PTorroni Jo
Conference NameComputational logic in multiagent systems. Fitth international workshop, CLIMA V. Pre-proceedings

In the recent past, an increasing number of multiagent systems (MAS) have been designed and implemented to engineer complex distributed systems. Several previous works have proposed theories and of the most widely used is the BDI agent architecture presented by Rao and Georfeff. We consider that in order to apply agents in real domains, it is important for the formal models to incorporate a model to represent and reason under uncertainty. With that aim we introduce in this paper a general model for graded BDI agents, and an architecture, based on multi-context systems, able to model these graded mental attitudes. This architecture serves as a blueprint to design different kinds of particular agents. We illustrate the design process by formalizing a simple travel assistant agent.