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Weak-Ensconcement: defining a new non-prioritized contraction operator

In this talk I will present the results of my undergraduate thesis on Belief Revision. I will present the weak-ensconcement: a non-prioritized order-based constructive framework for building a contraction operator. This operator characterizes an interesting family of Shielded base contractions. In turn, this characterization induces a class of AGM contractions satisfying certain postulates. Finally, I will show a connection among the class of contractions given by the weak ensconcement and other kinds of belief base contraction operators. In doing so, I will also point out a flaw I discovered in the original theorems that link the epistemic entrenchment with ensconcement (which are well established in the literature), and then I'll provide two possible solutions.

Alejandro Joaquin Mercado: "I am 23 years old and I've recently obtained my undergraduate degree in Computer Science at the University of Buenos Aires. Last year I won an scholarship to learn about Belief Revision and write my final thesis on that subject under the supervision Prof. Ricardo Rodriguez. Doing such research I've obtained intriguing results, which we then submitted as a paper at KR which was accepted for the conference's main track. Currently, I'm in the look start a PhD. My current interest is on Safe and Explainable AI. I'm curious about mixing my formal background in logic and formal proof with machine learning algorithms in order to build more explainable models".