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Trust - The foundation for human-AI interaction

Trust is a fundamental aspect of human relationships. It is based on an interplay of different concepts, such as reliance, confidence, and belief in the reliability and integrity of a person or system. Trustworthiness, therefore, encompasses qualities such as honesty, consistency, and competence, which convey a sense of security and certainty in every interaction.

In the interaction between humans and artificial intelligence, trust plays a central role in shaping the dynamics between individuals and artificial intelligence systems. In this context, it is about the reliability of AI in terms of expected performance, the transparency of its processes, and the ethical considerations that guide its decision-making processes. Just as trust is crucial in interpersonal relationships, it is equally important in fostering positive interactions between humans and AI.

In this talk, I will present the concepts of trust and trustworthiness in combination with AI and showcase some research projects on human-AI interaction with regard to diverse topics such as sustainability, education, and medicine.