All chips great and small

75 years ago the transistor was invented. In hindsight, that moment can be considered the big bang of the Information Society we are living in today. The recent semiconductor crisis has shown how important chips are in our world. However, it is relatively unknown what chip-making entails. Moreover, chips come in many forms. Leveraging on IMB-CNM activities, I would like to show that miniaturization and scalability makes possible not only place chips inside computers and smartphones, but also to deploy microdevices in so demanding and so far apart scenarios as inside living cells and on-board of space missions.

Luis Fonseca has developed his scientific career at the Institute of Microelectronics of Barcelona. Physicist by training he joined IMB-CNM in 1989 as a predoc and he is today its current director. His scientific interests have revolved about micro and nanotechnologies for gas sensing and energy harvesting.