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Value alignment in human-AI societies

As artificial agents become increasingly embedded in our society, we must ensure that they align with our human values, both at a level of individual interactions and system governance. However, agents must first be able to infer our values, i.e., understand how we prioritize values in different situations, both as individuals and as society. In this talk we explore how artificial agents can infer our values, while helping us reason about them. How can artificial agents understand our deepest motivations, when we are often not even aware of them?

Enrico Liscio is a PhD candidate in the Interactive Intelligence Group at TU Delft and part of the Hybrid Intelligence Centre. His research focuses on Natural Language Processing techniques to estimate human values from text. His work is part of the project to achieve high-quality online mass deliberation, creating AI-supported tools and environments aimed at transforming online conversations into more constructive and inclusive dialogues.