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Back to the future: symbolic reasoning for intelligent agents

Much is being said about how knowledge representation and reasoning models are supposed to play a very important part in the future development of Intelligent Systems. In this talk, I will argue that they can serve as the founding formal structure for the construction of such systems in complex (multi-agent) settings. I will show part of my research trajectory in formal modelling of knowledge dynamics, representing and reasoning with inconsistent knowledge, and how these concepts are at the core of improving Intelligent Systems' reasoning capabilities.

Dr Maria Vanina Martinez obtained her PhD at the University of Maryland College Park and pursued her postdoctoral studies at Oxford University in the Information Systems Group in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Database Theory. Currently, she is a Ramon and Cajal Fellow at the Artificial Research Institute IIIA-CSIC in Barcelona, Spain. Her research is in the area of ​​knowledge representation and reasoning, with a focus on the formalization of knowledge dynamics, the management of inconsistency and uncertainty, and the study of the ethical and social impact on the development and use of systems based on Artificial Intelligence.