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Technology Transfer & Development Unit (UDT)

The UDT-IA was created in 2002 as a service of the IIIA-CSIC research lines with the aim of promoting the transfer of knowledge and technologies from IIIA research to society, promoting and managing collaboration with innovative companies and organizations that want to incorporate AI into their processes. Another of the UDT-IA's goals is to act as an observatory, to detect innovation needs in business, as well as to promote and disseminate the scientific activity carried out at the Institute. The UDT-IA, through different agents and strategies, ensures that the knowledge originated in the center is transferred to society, both at the educational and business level.

Head of the Group:  Joan Jené
Blanca Díez Terán
Contract Engineer
Phone Ext. 431870

Joan Jené
Phone Ext. 431837

Lissette Lemus del Cueto
Contract Engineer
Phone Ext. 431823

Bruno Rosell
Contract Engineer
Phone Ext. 431835