Learning Systems

The research of this group focuses on the development of machine learning algorithms, models, software, and applications. From an algorithmic/modeling perspective, the group pursues research in Probabilistic Graphical Models,  Case-Base Reasoning, Transfer Learning, and Deep Learning. From the software and applications perspective the group concentrates on the application areas such as Social Networks, Music, Robotics, Multiagent Systems, Bioinformatics, and Healthcare.

Head of Department:  Jesus Cerquides
Josep Lluís Arcos
Scientific Researcher
Phone Ext. 431859

Eva Armengol
Tenured Scientist
Phone Ext. 431851

Georgios Athanasiou
PhD Student
Phone Ext. 431833

Xavier Carreras
Tenured Scientist
Phone Ext. 431839

Jesus Cerquides
Scientific Researcher
Phone Ext. 431816

Núria Correa
Industrial PhD Student
Phone Ext. 431833

Ramon Lopez de Mantaras
Research Professor
Phone Ext. 431828

Oguz Mulayim
Contract Researcher
Phone Ext. 431845

Enric Plaza
Research Professor
Phone Ext. 431852

Borja Sánchez-López
PhD Student
Phone Ext. 431831

Kian Seif
PhD Student

Borja Velasco
Industrial PhD Student
Phone Ext. 431866

In Press
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