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Logic & Reasoning

The activity of this group is centered around the logical and mathematical modelling of reasoning, with special attention to mathematical fuzzy logic, uncertainty models, logics for incomplete information and computational argumentation, and the design of efficient algorithms for solving satisfaction and optimization problems by methods based on SAT, constraints and metaheuristics.

Head of the Group:  Pedro Meseguer
Mehmet Anil Akbay
PhD Student
Phone Ext. 431866

Christian Blum
Scientific Researcher
Phone Ext. 431840

Camilo José Chacon Sartori
PhD Student
Phone Ext. 431865

Jordi Coll Caballero
Contract Researcher
Phone Ext. 431843

Vicent Costa
Contract Researcher
Phone Ext. 431820

Pilar Dellunde
Adjunct Scientist
Phone Ext. 431850

Gonzalo Escalada-Imaz
Tenured Scientist
Phone Ext. 431818

Francesc Esteva
Adjunct Professor Ad Honorem
Phone Ext. 431827

Tommaso Flaminio
Tenured Scientist
Phone Ext. 431841

Lluís Godo
Research Professor
Phone Ext. 431857

Roger Xavier Lera Leri
Contract Engineer
Phone Ext. 431834

Jordi Levy
Tenured Scientist
Phone Ext. 431860

Felip Manyà
Tenured Scientist
Phone Ext. 431854

María Vanina Martinez Posse
Contract Researcher
Phone Ext. 431817

Pedro Meseguer
Scientific Researcher
Phone Ext. 431862

Michele Pra Baldi
Contract Researcher

Jaume Reixach i Perez
Masters Student

Guillem Rodriguez Corominas
PhD Student
Phone Ext. 431865

Sara Ugolini
Contract Researcher
Phone Ext. 431848

Amanda Vidal
Contract Researcher
Phone Ext. 431844

Elifnaz Yangin
Masters Student

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