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Multiagent Systems

The Multi-Agent Systems (MAS) group at IIIA-CSIC carries out scientific research of excellence in areas that are central to autonomous agents and multi-agent systems: computational models of negotiation, control and organisation, trust and reputation, optimisation, semantics, and recommender systems. It positions itself at the intersection of CSIC's global areas SOCIETY and MATTER through interdisciplinary research of high socio-economic impact. The goals of the group are governed by an approach to AI focused on human beings, developing computer systems that are aligned with the ethical and social values of the communities that use them, empowering people in the interactions mediated by these systems, respecting and fostering diversity, and exploring new forms of collaboration.

Head of the Group:  Marco Schorlemmer
Davide Audrito
PhD Student

Victor Bermejo Gil
Contract Engineer

Filippo Bistaffa
Tenured Scientist
Phone Ext. 431849

Pompeu Casanovas Romeu
Research Professor

Georgios Chalkiadakis
Visiting Scientist

Olena Chebanyuk
Contract Researcher

Dave de Jonge
Contract Researcher
Phone Ext. 431825

Mark d'Inverno
Adjunct Scientist

Thiago Freitas Dos Santos
PhD Student
Phone Ext. 201

Zhou Long
Visiting Scientist

Alejandra López de Aberasturi Gómez
PhD Student
Phone Ext. 431831

Pablo Noriega
Científico Ad Honorem
Phone Ext. 431829

Nardine Osman
Tenured Scientist
Phone Ext. 431826

Shuxian Pan
PhD Student
Phone Ext. 431832

Israel Puerta Merino
Masters Student

Juan A. Rodríguez-Aguilar
Research Professor
Phone Ext. 431861

Manel Rodríguez Soto
Contract Researcher
Phone Ext. 431832

Gerard Rovira Parra
Industrial PhD Student
Phone Ext. 431835

Jorge Rubio Suarez
Masters Student

Jordi Sabater-Mir
Tenured Scientist
Phone Ext. 431856

Marco Schorlemmer
Tenured Scientist
Phone Ext. 431858

Carles Sierra
Research Professor
Phone Ext. 431801

Núria Vallès Peris
Tenured Scientist

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